Understand the Performance of Your Digital Ad Spend

  • Interstate is a powerful marketing analytics and attribution platform.

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Smarter Marketing Analytics

Interstate automatically pulls in your visit, conversion, and spend data across all channels and centralizes it in one easy to use dashboard. Spend less time wrangling data and more time acting on it.

Multi-Touch Attribution

Interstate applies attribution models to your data that take into account all consumer touchpoints, not just the first or last one. Make better spend allocation decisions with more accurate performance data.

Cross-Device Tracking

Interstate deterministically syncs marketing spend and conversion data across devices. Get the full picture of how your marketing is working even if a users starts on one device and converts on another.

Automatic Integration With The Channels You Care About

  • All of Your Marketing Data in One Place
    Interstate integrates directly with 15+ platforms to connect you to your marketing data. No programming or CSV exports required. We automate tracking one-off ad buys and offline ad spend too!
  • Effortlessly Dig Into Performance Details
    The devil revenue is in the details. Want to understand return on ad spend by campaign, device, something else? Easily filter down to the data that matters with Interstate in just a few clicks.
  • Understand Customer Lifetime Value
    Understand customer lifetime value by channel, campaign, and more. Interstate helps you move beyond basic cost-per-acquisition metrics and start acquiring users based on their real value.
  • Understand Performance Trends
    Visualize changes in return on ad spend, revenue, spend, visits, and more. See how different channels or campaigns match up over time. Leverage trend data to make smarter marketing decisions.
  • 10 Minute Setup
    Just drop in a couple of Javascript snippets to begin tracking your data. We'll do all the heavy lifting on the backend to match up spend and conversions automatically.